Well hello, beautiful! My name is Jasmine, and I am an adventurous wedding & elopement photographer based out of Denver, Colorado and Dallas, Texas. Don’t let the location stop you, I absolutely LOVE traveling and am down to capture your love story wherever you are or want to be. I am the type of photographer that wants to stay friends even after the wedding is over. That being said, I will send you the funny bloopers to give you a good laugh along with the intimate moments that will make you cry.


Let’s hike, climb, dance, or drive hours to that perfect location. Let’s eat snacks and tell embarrassing love stories. Let’s take gorgeous photographs you will cherish forever.


My style lacks stiff poses but thrives on movement and candidness. Documenting those raw and true emotions that reflect the undoubted love you two share for each other is my ultimate goal. Your love is beautiful, so why shouldn’t your photos be?


A little bit more about me… I am from a small town in southern Colorado called Alamosa. (If you have heard of it, that makes me so happy!) I was fortunate enough to receive a wonderful scholarship to attend the University of Colorado Boulder to study neuroscience and leadership studies. Although photography is a love of mine, I am incredibly passionate about healthcare and hope to attend medical school within the next few years. I married young to a handsome man named Benjamin, and we have the most adorable, loving golden retriever you will ever meet named Daisy.


Let’s make some magic happen! Send me an email if you think we’d hit it off. I would be more than happy to get to know you better and talk about your big day!!

Favorite things include:

Basketball, pizza, The Office, rock climbing, sushi, freshly-made chocolate chip cookies, sarcasm, yoga pants, lifting heavy weights, Birthday Cake Oreos, snowboarding, Settlers of Catan, exploring random places, the ocean, and best of all, snuggling my dog

Here are some more photos from my life! You can find more on my personal Instagram (@jasminekyla) if you care. If not, I understand.

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